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The nature of social science research could fall into one of the following three categories viz:

  1. Academic Research: These are researches which takes place within institutions of higher learning for the purpose of awarding degrees and certificates. Findings from these exercises are now being used to solve social problems. In the past, most of them were mainly used for mere academic purposes.
    1. Practical (problem solving) Research: These are research efforts that are targeted at clearly identified problems. Problems solved by this research effort spans social, economic, technological, marketing, and almost all field of human endeavour.
    1. Sponsored Research: These are research, which are carried out on the instance of a benefactor organization. The findings and its use are to the benefit of the organization sponsoring it. This type, unfortunately, comprises the bulk of the research activities in developing countries like Nigeria. Expectedly, most of these research efforts are channeled to issues that is of importance not to the host countries, but to the interest of the sponsoring countries and/organisation.